Opportunity 2.0

Youth Work Readiness

In the dynamic world of work, skills and competencies in demand are always changing. Even local economies continue to be shaped by local and global events. Business and youth must both adapt along with training providers.

With the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), Opportunity 2.0 helps ensure that training for young people is responsive to the needs of employers in the 21st century and providing youth with the skills needed to succeed This includes identifying opportunities for youth to navigate the ever changing world of work,  self-employment and entrepreneurship pathways. Our activities include:

  • Preparing young learners and TESDA skills completers to start their own business or self-employment ventures
  • Providing effective and efficient employment services to vulnerable youth including work exposure and internships
  • Providing coaching and mentoring programs
  • Supporting mechanisms that intermediate job services for youth like building and managing relations with employers and private sector
  • Developing tools to track and analyze data on employment, local labor markets, and youth training and employment progress