Opportunity 2.0

Business and Youth

The private sector has the opportunity to shape societal change and economic growth through collaborating with youth development programs and the youth themselves.

USAID Opportunity 2.0 provides a vehicle for this collaboration for mutually beneficial impacts. Private sector partners, training providers, and youth can come together and design, implement, and evaluate key workforce development and entrepreneurship activities and initiatives.

Through the Youth Development Alliances, we bridge the human capital gap between supply and demand by listening to industry needs, connecting industry and training, and bringing youth to the workplace.

Why should the private sector join the Youth Development Alliances in their cities?

  • Gain access to participate in government programs at the local level
  • Widen platform to connect with MSMEs and other organizations
  • Inform local labor market assessments and help shape workforce development programs in your city

There are more ways than one to share the future workforce in the Philippines. If your business operates in any of our 12 city sites, contact us to find out how we can collaborate!