Opportunity 2.0

Second-Chance Education

Stronger Second-Chance Education

In partnership with the Department of Education’s (DepEd) Alternative Learning System (ALS) Task Force, Opportunity 2.0 supports the ALS 2.0 roadmap towards lifelong learning for all Filipinos, especially the out-of-school youth.

Our activities are designed to support the second-chance education program for Filipino out-of-school youth that is innovative, maintained with quality at scale, and flexible.

Opportunity 2.0 works with DepEd ALS Task Force on:

  • Developing new, innovative materials for ALS learners including distance learning approaches.
  • Delivering this improved ALS materials with quality at scale to the youth in communities across the country.
  • Improving teacher professional development.
  • Improving operations for flexible teaching and learning.
  • Enhancing ALS assessment and accreditation for learners and completers.
  • Encouraging ALS enrollment.