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O2 Private Sector Engagement: 2021 Highlights

Last year, USAID engaged private sector partners to be part of upskilling out-of-school youth in 12 Philippine cities through its Opportunity 2.0 program. Local businesses hosted youth for on-the-job training and mentored them on work readiness or starting their own small enterprises.

Work immersion, design thinking for entrepreneurship, career roadshows, and financial literacy sessions were conducted for out-of-school youth. These gave youth the competitive edge they needed to become successful business owners and members of the workforce.

The private sector is crucial in youth development programming of cities and communities. With the private sector involved, they also inform local plans and policies so that youth training and education remain relevant to industry trends.

USAID, through Opportunity 2.0, will continue deepening the private sector’s collaboration with the youth as well as city governments, academia, and training institutions this new year.

Check out the heights of our collaboration in 2021 below.