Opportunity 2.0

Partnership with Higher Education Institutions

Engaging universities to help out-of-school youth transition to higher education.  We engage local universities so that ALS completers are guided accordingly on when it comes to their study and career goals.

We also work with leading teacher education institutions to develop training and certification for ALS teachers, enabling the expansion of Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) that currently has many limitations in enabling ALS completers to proceed to higher education. Specifically, HEIs will be tapped to facilitate career pathways and ALS certification relevant to youth’s goals and skills certification and diplomas.

The role of HEIs is we can do a lot of researches... So that programs that we do and design are really data-driven. Our programs will be more responsive to the needs and interest of our youth, and it’s going to match what the industry needs as well.
Dr. Theresita V. Atienza​
President of the Quezon City University​