Opportunity 2.0


ALS 2.0 M&E System Operations Handbook

This M&E Operations Handbook provides a road map for the Bureau of Alternative Education (BAE), Curriculum and Learning Management Division (CLMD) of the Region, Curriculum and Instruction Division of the Schools Division Office (SDO), and the Public Schools District Supervisor (PSDS), and ALS M&E trainers to efficiently manage and implement monitoring, evaluation, and adjustment system in DepEd.

DepEd ALS will use the Operations Manual to communicate the intentions, descriptions, and features of the ALS 2.0 M&E System. Specifically, this handbook helps:

  1. Describe the M&E processes, activities, and reporting requirements;
  2. Demonstrate the application of planning, project management, and M&E concepts, principles, tools, and techniques in monitoring ALS; and,
  3. Serve as reference material for building competencies on monitoring and evaluation.