Opportunity 2.0


Be Your Own Boss Guide and Handbook

Successful youth entrepreneurs range in age, experience, and education levels. They share one thing in common: All have the interest and ability to start and run successful businesses.

Opportunity 2.0 international and local experts provide institutional capacity strengthening that equips youth with innovative work-based learning and job readiness skills in-demand by local and international employers. This includes an entrepreneurship skills workshop called “Be Your Own Boss (BYOB).”

Through the BYOB Workshop, youth who may be interested learn about starting their own small business. The BYOB workshop, delivered through specialized facilitators, is a practical, activity-based training that provides step-by-step business skills important for environmental scanning, identifying small business opportunities, and developing and operationalizing a small business plan.

Opportunity 2.0 facilitators and the youth use their respective handbooks that contain the following modules:

  • Module 1: What is my Business?
  • Module 2: My Business needs Customers
  • Module 3: Managing my Business and Personal Finance
  • Module 4: My Pathway for my Business