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NC II Self-Directed Work Readiness Modules (Learner’s Handbooks)

TESDA NC Level 2 Module 1 - Learner's Handbook

These modules will help prepare the youth transition to further education and training as well as equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully find work or start their own business. The curriculum addresses the TESDA Competencies for 21st Century Skills.

There are nine Work Readiness Modules on 21st Century Skills, all aligned with TESDA’s Competency Standards for Basic Competencies’ Thematic Areas, Units of Competencies, Elements, and Performance Criteria, meant to be used alongside a separate set of Handbooks for Facilitators by TESDA Trainers that support learners throughout the process. While developed to be self-directed, the engaging and interactive modules are also designed to incorporate learning with other learners, family, friends, and even other members of the community.

The main modules and topics of the curriculum include:

  • Module 1 (NC II) – Participating in Workplace Communication
  • Module 2 (NC II) – Working in a Team Environment
  • Module 3 (NC II) – Solving and Addressing General Workplace Problems
  • Module 4 (NC II) – Career Development and Life Decisions
  • Module 5 (NC II) – Contributing to Workplace Innovation
  • Module 6 (NC II) – Presenting Relevant Information
  • Module 7 (NC II) – Practicing OSH Policies and Procedures
  • Module 8 (NC II) – Exercising Efficient and Effective Sustainable Practices in the Workplace
  • Module 9 (NC II) – Practicing Entrepreneurial Skills in the Workplace