Opportunity 2.0


Peer Coaching Manual and Toolkit

A successful youth transition requires links to services in the community, information, and ongoing support.

Opportunity 2.0 is adapting peer coaching in a group setting as a method to support youth as they make the transition to work, start or grow a business, or pursue higher education (or a mix of these). This is another method that we harness in addition to the alumni network, social media, and other methods.

We found, through EDC, that weekly peer coaching sessions help create accountability and support mechanisms as communities of youth pursue opportunities together. Each group meets once a week for up to 6 months. Each week has a particular learning agenda and group activity.

Halfway through their Work-Based Learning or Be Your Own Boss training, youth in the training will elect two peer coaches. Peer coaches are elected based on their interest, availability, and leadership qualities. The peer coaches are encouraged to work in pairs, making it easier to manage the group.

This guide and toolkit are designed to accompany the Opportunity 2.0 peer coaching program. It is a resource for Service Providers and Youth Development Coordinators (YDCs) who will support the peer coaches in their sites.