Opportunity 2.0


WRN Workplace Guide and Handbook

The primary goal of Opportunity 2.0 is to prepare large numbers of out-of-school youth to transition to further education and training, jobs, and self-employment opportunities.¬†Opportunity 2.0 uses EDC’s Work Ready Now (WRN) readiness training program for youth to develop their soft skills and readiness for work.

Through WRN, work-based learning makes learning come alive outside of the classroom, providing youth who have little to no work experience with a structured learning opportunity in a real work environment with real customers. Youth learn about the nature of work and build relationships with employers.

This package of handbooks–one developed for facilitators and another for youth–serves as a manual. It provides information about roles and responsibilities, learning agenda for each session, as well as the worksheets youth will complete.

WRN is led by specialized facilitators trained to deliver its contents:
  • Module 1: Introduction to Work-Based Learning
  • Module 2: Work Exposure
  • Module 3: Preparing for a Longer Time in the Workplace
  • Module 4: Work Experience
  • Module 5: Forward Planning